A Beginner's Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3 — the world’s only English-language book that teaches the “Gambas BASIC for Linux” programming language!

Soon coming in paperback book form, from Infinity Publishing!

Welcome to the support blog for A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3, by Dr. John Rittinghouse (Ph.D.) and Jon Nicholson.  The paper version of this revised edition of the book is scheduled to be published in July, 2011, along with e-reader versions for Kindle and Nook.  In the interest of completeness, and in support of the Open Content movement, we have placed the .pdf of A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas here, released under the OCL license.  The OCL license is explained in the book on Page 3.

There are a number of revisions and corrections that have been made in this revised edition, which will make the text easier to study.  Also, this revised edition covers the programming methods of both Gambas 2 and the upcoming Gambas 3.  Check back in late July for details of where to purchase your own copy of the book!

To comment or ask questions about the book, or seek help on something discussed in the book, click on the heading for this post and log in as “Guest”, or with one of the other login options.

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1. A Beginner's Guide to Gambas - Revised for Version 3 -- .PDF version, OCL license. The complete book!

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A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3

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