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New sample project — Screenshooter, a full-featured screenshot program

UPDATED 2013/1/10:  I revised the code:

1.  Now the screenshot window will always rise to the top of the stack after the screenshot.

2.  If a target window is partially off of the screen, the program will reposition the window so that a complete screenshot can be made.


A third sample program has been added to item #4 in “Free Downloads Below!”.  That project is named “Screenshooter”.  It is a full-featured screenshot program that makes use of the new features in Gambas3 and the Qt4 toolkit.  “Screenshooter” also makes use of the “Desktop” component of Gambas3, so that you can access the X11 windows list, and activate a window.  This program offers 3 ways to make screenshots:

1. Use spinboxes to precisely set the X and Y coordinates and the Width and Height of the screenshot area (View Window).  This gives pixel-by-pixel control over the screenshot area.

2.  Use drag-and-drop features of the View Window to position the screenshot area to the proper screenshot geometry.

3.  Make a screenshot of a specific window in the X11 window list, without bothering to set any parameters.

4.  You can print the screenshots to paper, or you can save the screenshots in either .JPG or .PDF format.

NOTE:  I felt that the existing Gambas3 documentation about printing was not very clear, so both “NorthStar Books” and “Screenshooter” have comments in the Gambas3 code that explain how to set the page parameters for print jobs.

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