A Beginner's Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3

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NorthStar Books — small business bookkeeping for cash-based accounting

Corrections made on 2012/8/29:

In Reports.Class:

1.  Add the code block that determines the “Draw” that is included in the “Multi-” payments.  Without this number, the Profit/Loss statement reported too little “Total Expenses”, which caused “Net Income” to be too large.

In these multi-part payments (usually credit card payments), the “Draw” is calculated in the main program — it is not held as data in the sub-payment data file.  This is an advantage because if you modify a sub-payment record, you don’t need to modify the “Draw” part of the record.  However, this calculation was missing from Reports.Class, causing the error on the Profit/Loss report.  This problem is now fixed.

Corrections made on 2012/7/20:

In FMain.Class:

1.  In Public Sub Form_Open(), move the line InfoHandling.LoadAccountsListFile() above the line LoadColumnView1(bReloadTF)

This allows ComboBox2.Text to show the account of the selected record when the program opens.

2.  In Public Subs Button6_Click and Button7_Click, change the calls from InfoHandling.WriteFile(bReloadTF) to InfoHandling.WriteMasterFile(bReloadTF)


NorthStar Books:  a sample program, free for your examination or use.  This is a program that I wrote to run my own business bookkeeping.

I have changed the downloads in the Box.com “flash_widget”  window to the right.

  • Gambas2 and Gambas3 examples are now contained in a single .tar.gz file, in item #3.
  • Item #4 is NorthStar Books.  This download contains the Gambas3 source project “NorthStar_Books”, some “fake” data so that the program can be evaluated, a “readme” file, and a folder containing files needed for installation of the executable for this program (if you want to install it).  I recommend just running the project from the Gambas 3 IDE, and you may see things that you may want to change.

This project is offered as free software under the GNU GPL Version 3 license.

After downloading, see the file “README_NorthStar_Books.txt” to read about how to set up the “fake” data files to explore the operations of the program.

Best regards,


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A Beginner’s Guide to Gambas, Revised for Version 3

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