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Having trouble with the Gambas IDE text spacing?

If you are using XFCE/Xubuntu, you may have a problem with the code editor,
where the spacing of the text does not correspond to the cursor position
in a line of code.  I had this problem, and I found the solution on this page:

The relevant part is:

Comment 3 by zachsmit…@gmail.com, Jan 16, 2012

I've solved the problem by changing the font hinting in 
Xfce (Settings-> Appearance-> Fonts-> Rendering-> Hinting). 
If anti-aliasing is enabled and hinting is set to 'none or 
'slight' then it causes problems in the Gambas IDE.  
If it is set to 'medium' or 'full' then there is no problem. 
Most running apps are affected immediately by changing 
the hinting but the IDE apparently only uses the 
setting at start up.  Changing the hinting while the 
IDE is running has no effect. It took a while to figure 
it out because among the apps I use, only Gambas 
was affected by this.

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